Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What happened to Summer?

It is dawning on me that Summer is nearly gone. In two weeks Madeline will be sitting in a class room. While I look forward to being able to go grocery shopping alone, I'm wondering what happened to our Summer break. I'm getting that panicked feeling as the impending packed calendar looms closer. I have less than a month until Madeline's birthday (Party not yet planned), the start of school for both girls, Fall soccer and CCD. Life is about to become hectic and it all starts in just two weeks.

I'm stressed because I don't know what the third grade teacher will be like. We had a teacher who didn't like my child (seriously, didn't like her one bit) for first grade. So now I worry before school starts that we'll get another teacher like her. I'm also stressed because I got an email that makes me wonder if my kids are actually registered for Religious Ed. I know several other families that got the same email, so I'm hoping we're OK, but we still don't have a class assignment so until I get that I'll continue to worry. (I'm a worrier, and I do it well.) I'm also stressing about Madeline's soccer team. We've been waiting nearly a month now to find out who her coach is and what her schedule will be. It appears that she's been placed on a team once again that has no coach. Bryan has been emailing her old coach and the director of the division that she plays in, but we still have no answers. After three weeks of this back and forth we're all getting frustrated. All I want is an answer and the game schedule so I can plan my weekends that have 2-3 obligations per day from mid-September until mid-November. I can't wait for the holiday season so life will be calmer.

For now, I'm doing my best to pack as much fun into the remaining days of Summer. My best friend and her four kids came over today to hang out by the pool. We all went to McDonald's afterwards. The kids all get along, so it was a fun morning and afternoon. Pending the weather stays nice, we'll be meeting them again on Thursday to go to the beach in Wildwood.

It's amazing how quickly this Summer has slipped away. It just seems too soon for me to have to start thinking about what the girls will wear for the first day of school. I'm not the least bit motivated to even pick out these outfits. Doing so means that I consent to the whirlwind of obligations that will follow for the school year. September and October and usually my most hectic months, and they're only going to get crazier now that Ellie is starting soccer. I better go by myself a couple of nice warm sweatshirts. This poor indoor girl is going to be sitting outside a lot this Fall.

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  1. Quick??? I can't wait for school to start! Only 6 days left! And I'm very jealous that you are going to Wildwood, but I think I might want to leave the kids at home if I was going! ;)


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