Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small Successes

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.
1. At long last my iPhoto is functional. That means I can take pictures and post them up here again. That also means that I can look at all my pictures from the past 6 years. I can't tell you how much I missed not being able to look at them. I really need to get my digital pictures printed out.

2. I finally got the girls to the art museum. Before I had kids, I had delusions that every day I'd take them somewhere enriching like the museum, the zoo, the aquarium and so on. Instead, they got to go places like Target, Acme, Olive Garden and the mall. We got an annual membership, I anticipate going there several times this year. I can't wait. Madeline learned the names of the artists she liked best (Mary Cassatt and Claude Monet--looks like the girl has a penchant for impressionist pieces like her mom) and was able to describe what she liked about the paintings she picked as her favorites for the day. Ellie was most likely to comment about the religious works of art. She's got a thing for pointing out crucifixes. (This has been a recurring theme since she had a substitute for CCD one week and learned at age 3 1/2 about crucifixion.) Ellie didn't like all the walking involved in going to the museum, she she wasn't thrilled about the no touching and no being loud rules.

3. I went to the supermarket this week with Bryan and the girls. I vowed early last July that I would not go grocery shopping until school started. After spending an entire school year grocery shopping alone, it was pure chaos when I had to take both of my girls with me. With both of my Targets under construction to add meats and produce departments, I had to break down and go to Acme to get food. Bryan was off on Monday so he came with us. Shopping with two parents is easier since we can divide and conquer (with the kids that is). In 15 days I can go grocery shopping by myself. Yay!

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  1. I've been enjoying going food shopping alone this summer, when my husband is home. During the school year I take my 3-yr-old who is generally good but takes up valuable space!


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