Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fair warning about Mother's Day and midnight

The girls have been coming up with some off the wall stuff lately.  Today on our way to the Olive Garden, Ellie was singing (while it was sunny out) "Rain, rain, go away come again on Mother's Day!".  If it rains on Mother's Day next year, we'll all know why.  Now she's not totally off her rocker.  We had a pretty good storm this morning.  It was coming down so hard that Oscar wouldn't go outside to do his business without Bryan putting up the golf umbrella and going out with him so he wouldn't get wet.  What a spoiled dog!  I would have pushed him outside, but lucky for Oscar, Bryan is a bit more compassionate to four legged creatures than I am.  Good for Oscar that Bryan is the one who takes him out first thing in the morning.

Last night Madeline was trying to see how much talking it would take to push Bryan and I to the breaking point of our sanity.  Out of all the incessant talking came one lovely gem that will live on for a little while in our house.  Apparently, Madeline thinks that midnight is the only time of day when the "bad people" come out.  So now that that has been established we can all rest assured that we are safe from all the miscreants of society as long as it is not midnight.  I don't think she believed me when I told her that people who do bad things don't wait until midnight to come out.  It didn't help that Bryan was reinforcing her misconception since he thought it was rather funny.

If we're going to go by the world according to Madeline and Ellie here's what you need to remember from today's lesson: Make sure you have your umbrella with you next Mother's Day, and always stay at home around midnight if you want to avoid the "bad people". 


  1. Kids have a way of predicting things that come true. I promise to return next Mothers' Day and comment on this one!

  2. how cute! rain in May is always pleasant on the plain :)

    got to love how they figure things out in their minds! at least they are inquisitive!


  3. Duly noted, thanks for the heads up!


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