Sunday, August 23, 2009


I realize that we all have to eat, but can someone tell me why the bugs that viciously attacked me in our neighbors back yard on Thursday night had to go after my joints? My ankle and wrist are now driving me crazy, to the point that I can't stay asleep. These bugs went after every non-fleshy area. It's times like this that I'm a wee bit jealous of those with cankles. If I had cankles, I might not have this huge swollen lump on the inside of my left ankle.

The worst thing about these bites, aside from the fact that they're on me, is that they must be siting on a nerve or something because the pain just radiates out from them. The ankle one shoots up the side of my shin, and the annoying below the ankle on on my other foot makes the side of my foot feel all itchy. I've been trying itch relief products, but nothing is working. I feel violated, and every time I take a step with my left foot, I'm reminded that I was attacked.

These mean bugs went after both of the girls, too. Poor Ellie and Madeline have bites on their wrists and elbows. I think their ankles were spared, but the bites they have are red and swollen, too. They haven't been complaining about the bites like I have, but I'm sure they're just as itchy.

In case you're reading winged human-biting bugs: Game on! I'm coming for you and your friends. The underside of my hand really wants to meet you. Oh and those of you who bit me....I hope my blood was toxic to you and you died. Since you attacked my children, expect me to go all Mama Bear on you if we meet again! You did not choose your victims wisely on Thursday night.

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