Monday, August 17, 2009

I hit another time warp!

Sometimes I think the days move a little too fast for me. Or, perhaps I just have so much going on that time slips by without me noticing. Either way, I've had a busy past few days. Some of them seemed a little long and others went by in a blink. Funny how that happens sometimes, don't you think?

Friday I took the girls down to the beach. I always tell people that we are going to stay for 1-1 1/2 hours and no more. I'm not too fond of sitting on the beach surrounded by Shoobies. Even if I'm no longer an island resident, I still consider myself a local. How can I not be when I was born and raised down there? I actually feel like I'm living with the Shoobies year round since I see bumper stickers plastered on their minivans with the names of my home town and surrounding beach towns all the time. If you are a local, you wouldn't be caught dead with that stuff on your car (unless you're a senior citizen). Those decals and stickers drive me insane. I simply don't see the appeal in vacationing down there. I used to run the front desk of a "nice" beach front hotel, and I can tell you that you couldn't pay me to stay there. I'll go to Disney World, thanks.

Anyway, the girls and I had a really good time on the beach. My father-in-law and his girl friend (the girls' Nana) went to the beach with us. I got some great pictures. (I'll upload them eventually, I've been having iPhoto issues ever since I imported 24,000 photos a while back.) My father-in-law taught Madeline how to boogie board. She had a blast. Ellie was a bit of a grump at first, but she came around when she got to jump through the waves. She gave her Nana a run for her money. First they tried to unsuccessfully build a sand castle and then they played in the water. I mostly just followed the kids around and took pictures. That's pretty much what I do when we go to the beach. We wound up staying at the beach for nearly three hours. I'm not sure if I've ever spent that much time on the beach before.

Fearing a massive guilt-trip from my mom, who called while we were on the beach, I decided that I better stop and visit her on our way home. The girls decompressed from their beach trip at my mom and dad's house, and I showed my mom the pictures I took on the beach. By the time we were ready to leave there, I was totally beat.

Before we could make it home, the girls were asking me when we were going back to the beach. I remember when they hated the beach. Now they want to frequent it. Why oh why when you have a beautiful pool in the back yard would you want to sit in the car and take a long drive to a crowded beach where the parking meter only gives you 12 minutes for a quarter? (Which, by the way I did not pay. I'm too cheap so I parked two blocks from the beach where it was free and made the kids walk.) It's possible that I may take the girls to the beach one or two more times. In actuality I had a good time down there with them. I'm willing to bet I could have more fun if I don't bring the camera.

Saturday was one of those days that zipped by really fast. It was significant only because it marks the day that I entered the current age, and got a cell phone that can text, take photos, videos and go online. My old phone was older than Ellie and all I could do was talk on it. No voice mail, texting or photos. Just a plain old outdated phone. I'm now the proud owner of an iPhone. Who knows, maybe I'll get into Twitter sometime down the line.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. Since I took the girls to Mass on Saturday night, we had a leisurely morning. We spent a good portion of the morning playing in the pool. Then I hit a time warp (surprise, surprise) and lost the middle of the day. Our neighbors came over for a swim in the late afternoon and they ended up staying for dinner. I've been saying since May that we need to have a cookout, but it hasn't happened. So last night we finally got to have that cookout. Too bad it wasn't planned. We could have made it better if we were prepared. We were tired at the end of the day, but once again, I was very happy to have such great neighbors. I don't have a single neighbor that I don't like.

Today was one of those days that just a strange mix. It flew by, but I feel like I got a lot accomplished. The girls and I had a lazy morning again and then we hit the pool. I thought I'd be nice and let Mr. Furkins come out with us so he could romp through the yard. We banned him from the pool last month since all he does is drink the water and then pee all over in the house when we let him in the pool. I thought everything was going well until I didn't see Oscar for a few minutes. When I called him I wasn't expecting to see a muddy dog come trotting up to the pool fence. Apparently, my furry friend found a muddy puddle and decided to roll around in it. He just had a bath (two of them to be exact) 8 days ago. So our pool fun was cut short so I could bathe the dog. Oscar is rather fluffy looking right now. I think it goes without saying that Mr. Furkins will not be romping in the yard on his own while we swim anymore. That dog just keeps burning bridges. I caught up with a friend and my (favorite) brother today, as well. It was a full day, but it went by a little too fast.

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