Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a day!

I think I stuffed at least two days into this lovely August day. It's funny how some days seem so underproductive and others are bursting at the seams with things to do.

I took the girls swimming before 9am. Ellie practiced her "Super Girl pushes" and a few other swimming things. Then I raced Madeline and taunted her in the process. She knows it's all in good fun, and it will make her immune to mean kids.

Once we finished swimming, I got the girls and myself ready to head out to run errands. I needed to drop some paperwork off at the parish office and then I needed to go pick up some household necessities that we needed. Can't go without toilet paper now, can we? I realized when I pulled up to BJs that I should stop at the craft store and see if I can get more crafts for the CCD class I'm going to be teaching exactly one month from now. I managed to get crafts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day (I'm a planer.) and just generic Sunday school themed crafts. After that we swung by Chick-Fil-A to get lunch. (Love their lemonade!)

Once we got home we watched Ella Enchanted. I liked that I didn't have to argue with Madeline about why Bryan and I don't feel that her shows aren't appropriate (Hannah Montana, iCarly and the like). The girls and I really enjoyed the movie. I think I just need to start putting movies on for the girls. If I do that we can avoid commercials and I can control the content better.

Today was also the day that the new Amazon Vine newsletter came out. As a Vine member, I am given the opportunity to select products that I'd like to review from a list. I managed to log on to the new newsletter as soon as it went live this afternoon. I am over the moon that I am getting a Britax booster seat for Ellie. I also picked a picture book to review that I think Ellie will like. I woke up this morning hoping to get a couple of new books. I never imagined that I'd get the opportunity to review a car seat. I have a thing for car seats and strollers so this is right up my alley.

I took the girls swimming at our neighbor's house later in the afternoon. We wound up staying there for 6 hours. I absolutely love hanging out with my neighbor from out back and my neighbor from around the corner and across the street (these neighbors live across the street from one another). While over there, I learned something new: My favorite pizza place actually delivers to our neighborhood! I'm amazed. This place is a 10-15 minute drive from our house and they actually are insane enough to drive all the way out here. They've offered delivery for about three months, but Bryan and I always assumed that we lived too far away for them to deliver. I guess we shouldn't have assumed.

In all, we had a great day. I wish every day during the Summer could be this good.

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