Wednesday, August 19, 2009


How did I forget to tell you all the great news? Last Friday when Bryan and I took the kids to Target I was elated, delighted and overjoyed to see my favorite nighttime snack back on the previously empty shelf of the refrigerated case that I've been walking past and longingly peering into for what has felt like an eternity. Nestle Toll House break and bake cookies are the light at the end of the tunnel on any long day. No matter how bad my day has been, I know that once the kids are in bed, I can sit down and enjoy four delicious cookies. They are my comfort food.

I spent two long months feeling lost without my favorite snack. I lost a few pounds (not cool when you weigh 125lbs) while I awaited the return of my cookies. I seriously felt like I was living in a Nestle imposed Lent. I tried the Pillsbury cookies, but after eating two of those horrid cookies I knew there was no substitute. Even homemade Toll-House cookies don't taste the same. I got my chocolate fix (maybe I do like chocolate a little) by baking brownies, but still, it wasn't the same.

I realized I hadn't blogged about my beloved snack when I came across this mean-spirited article while I was checking my email on AOL. The author suggests ditching these delicious cookies (Why don't I abandon air while I'm at it?) in exchange for some low-fat home made oatmeal cookies. Thanks, but no thanks. Some of us want our pants to stay up.

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