Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ellie truly makes me laugh

I just finished getting dressed after my shower and I heard Ellie outside my bedroom door.  The kid does her own theme music and sound effects.*  So I opened the door to see what was going on. (For those of  you wanting to know, it was the "I'm up to something" theme music.)  Ellie told me in a very matter of fact manner that "Madeline hurt herself, again.".  So I asked my little informant how it happened.  "She had an accident......she hurt herself on me." was the response.  So I had to pry a bit more to find out the nature of the accident.  "Madeline kept telling me to stop [trying to help with the puzzle] and it was bothering me, so I hit her." Oh my gosh, I could barely contain my laughter.  "She has a boo boo kitty now, she's fine." 

I had to tell Ellie to go apologize to her sister and do the standard "It's not nice to hit your sister, we don't hit people" spiel again.  In Ellie's defense, it is rather maddening to watch Madeline put a puzzle together.  Ellie is really good at puzzles, and to be honest, Madeline isn't.  I'm fairly certain that you could give them identical 100 piece puzzles and Ellie would finish hers first.  So I can understand why Ellie got frustrated that Madeline wouldn't let her help out.

*Like Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove. 


  1. Thanks I needed that today!
    I see puzzle races in the future.


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