Thursday, August 13, 2009

Small Successes

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.
1. I have finally opened the books I was given for Christmas 19 months ago and am learning how to use my camera (Canon Rebel XTi).  I've been shooting in a semi-manual mode for the past two years, but I'm  happy to say that I can go totally manual now.  Yay!

2. I broke down the huge boxes from the new shower that went in a month ago and got the cardboard out of my garage and off to recycle land.  I even got all of the paper that has been accumulating in my garage since June into the recycle.

3. I found lots of clothes for the girls in my hand me down closet that were intended for this Summer.  How did I forget I had all this stuff?  I'm happy that I caught it late last week and not two months from now.


  1. Most of the time, I think reading the directions is overrated. But good for you -- and I mean GOOD FOR YOU! -- in reading those camera directions. Bet you'll have amazing photos now. :)

    #2 is something I always procrastinate too. Good for you, from a fellow recycling procrastinator. :)

  2. Oh you are my hero. I DETEST reading manuals. You rock!. And yes, like Sarah...I'm a fellow procrastinator...many blessings!!!!!!!! You are fabulous. Have a great week!

  3. It's not the manual that I'm reading. I read that when I got the camera. I'm slowly making my way through Understanding Exposure and the Field Guide for the Canon Rebel XTi. Both are chock full of information that will hopefully afford me the knowledge and ability to get some amazing photographs of my girls.


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