Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why you should ALWAYS read the fine print!

I had a very liberal professor in college who told us constantly to "question everything".  It was her mantra.  "If you go to the Dr. and he says you need an antibiotic, question him.  Find out why." my seemingly out there professor would say.   At times I thought she was over the top, and truth be told, I didn't like this woman at all the first semester I had her.  But then, I came to like her.  Sure our political ideals didn't match and I can tell you lots of conservatives in her class would pretend they weren't.  I on the other hand, made sure I stuck to my gun and argued my conservative points with conviction.  I know lots of times I got graded down because I was a conservative, but when I earned an A from this woman, I knew it was because she couldn't in good conscience grade me down just because my political stance was the anthesis of hers. So because of good old Dr. Pope, I give you this clip to watch.  Read the fine print and question everything.  I believe our government is a very scary thing right now.  

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