Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coming soon, a book review on Carlton Banks!

Sometimes Madeline says things to me that are so off the mark that I can't stop laughing or thinking about the comment.  I got my latest book to review from The Catholic Company today.  As I sat down to read it, she asked me why Carlton Banks (from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) was on the cover.  He wasn't, it's a white priest.  Good thing the kid already wears glasses, because if she didn't, we'd be heading to the nearest eye doctor.  Oh, and the fact that she was surprised when I pointed out that it was a priest on the cover was too much for me. 
So now I'm off to read Meat & Potatoes Catholicism by Fr. Joseph Classen, the white guy who looks nothing like the guy who plays Carlton Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Something tells me I'll be laughing about this one for a while.  Where oh where does she come up with this stuff?

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