Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I a political snob?

I know I've mentioned on here a few times that I have a degree in Political Science. I think it goes without saying that I obviously have an understanding of how many different forms of governments operate. Understanding economics is another thing you gain when you study this fascinating branch of social science. For this reason, it totally blows my mind when I read a story like this one. Someone tell me please, how do you rise to the highest office in the land and not understand the basics of your nations economic system?

Apparently, this charismatic leader (When he has a teleprompter, that is.) hasn't been schooled on the subject of capitalism, nor does he seem to understand how government agencies are funded. Sheesh! And my liberal friends go on about what an idiot former President George W. Bush is/was. Mind you, I was not a fan of Bush (I still feel strongly that McCain should have gotten the GOP nod in 2000.), but I don't think the man was bumbling idiot that many feel he was. Inarticulate? Yes. Idiot? No. I think down the line, history will treat G.W. with the respect he should have been afforded while he was in office.

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