Friday, August 28, 2009

Exhale with me

I got to see the class list for Madeline's class today. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to know who is in the class.

Class room assignments came in the mail yesterday. Today the school posted which teachers went with the room numbers. Yesterday I cheated a little and pulled out the map of the school that we were given two years ago when Madeline was new to the school so I could figure out who she had ahead of time. (I'm an impatient person.) Then I emailed Madeline's teacher from last year to see if her sister, the third grade teacher, was still in that class room. (I'm very nosy, too.) She is. So yesterday I was starting to do the happy dance. But there were still questions about who would be in the class with her. That's always the tough part since class lists aren't posted on the school door.

Today I took Madeline over to the school to confirm the teacher and to check out the location of the new room. Every year I like to take Madeline to the school before the school year starts so I can make sure that she knows where she's going on the first day. I do this more for me, I think. I would probably worry a hole in my stomach if I wasn't certain that she knew where she was going. This year we were lucky and got to peek into the class room. Since we got to spend a few minutes in the class, I also got to see the list of students in the class. This means I no longer have to call around to see who is in her class. (YAY!) And, I no longer have to field questions from Madeline about who I think might be in her class. One of her best friends and a few of her other girl friends are in her class. She recognized the name of one boy. Best of all, a little girl who I don't like Madeline playing with (she's a pushy kid who isn't particularly nice) is once again not in her class. (Yippee!).

I sent an email to her teacher and introduced myself as Madeline's mother and asked if there was anything I could send in supply-wise to help out. I did this last year and I'm convinced that offering to help out and making my presence known before the school year makes a big difference. (1st grade was a nightmare if I haven't expressed that enough.) Having a sane teacher helps a lot, too. (Yes, I'm talking about you 1st grade teacher who has scarred me for life.) I also let the teacher know that I'm ready, and willing to be a room mom (and I'm experienced). Bryan says I'm a kiss-up. If it helps ensure a good school year with good parent-teacher communication, I'm willing to be called that. Don't cause me endless, needless worry for 75% of the school year and I'll love you for it!

Here's hoping we have another great school year.


  1. I'm glad you got off to a good start! We don't start until Sept. 9 on Long Island but we end late in June.

  2. We don't start until Sept. 8th, but the school was kind enough to send out the class assignments a little early this year. Usually we don't get the room assignment the week before Labor Day. And, then they don't tell you who the teacher is until the Friday night before Labor Day. I'm just incredibly happy to know who the teacher is 11 days before school starts.

    Last day of school here is June 18th. It seems so far away!

  3. We don't get a class list. The teacher assignments came in the mail this weekend, so the phone calls have begun...


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