Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I have a Cheery Chipmunk!

Ellie's meet and greet for Pre-K was this morning. I'm now the proud parent of a Cheery Chipmunk. Madeline was a chipmunk in Pre-K, too.

Ellie was rather excited to go to school today. She got to see most of her friends from last year. Her little circle of friends all got together for a bit to play at the blocks table. I love that she's got both girl and boy friends. Madeline only played with the girls at this age. She loved playing with all the great toys in the class, too.

Her teachers were excited to see her and had lots of questions for her about Madeline. Ellie was only two months old when Madeline started Pre-K so these teachers got to see Ellie transform a lot over her first two years.

Ellie was also pretty excited that she got to see Miss Susan, her teacher from last year, this morning. Miss Susan is pretty funny. She came to the adjoining class room door and did a silly little dance and all her Busy Bears from last year came running over to say hi. Ellie has been telling me she wants Miss Susan to be her teacher, but I think she'll be content to just stop by and say hello.

Here are some pictures of Ellie's first day:

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