Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A girl on a mission

The past few days Madeline's friend has been calling our house almost daily. The girls chatter away on the phone for about an hour each day about anything and everything. They're best friends. Last week we found out that the girls will be in the same third grade class this year. They became fast friends on the first day of first grade when they were both new to the school. Madeline went to a private school for K and her friend went to an area Catholic school. Last year they were pretty disappointed that they weren't in the same class, but they still found time to talk at school and get together for play dates.

Her friend just called and I was about to do Madeline's hair. So I had Madeline put the phone on speaker so I could quickly brush her hair and send her on her way. That's when I heard it. "Madeline, we have to get all of our talking out now. We don't have much time until school starts." In first grade Madeline got in a lot of trouble for talking excessively. (I wonder where she gets that from.) Last year she did better, but she still talked a lot. This friend is generally a very quiet kid, but that doesn't stop Madeline from talking at her and getting herself in trouble for talking.

I really like that her friend is telling her that they need to get it all out before school starts so they keep themselves out of trouble. If only all of Madeline's friends thought this way. Heck, if just Madeline thought this way we'd be in good shape.

I love how thoughtful her friend is. How many eight year olds sit there and contemplate whether or not they'll have the self control to stay quiet during class the week before school begins? I can assure you that Madeline has one thing on her mind...socializing. At least her friend is looking out for her.

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