Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Successes

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

It's Thursday today? Seriously? I was just frittering away time online and wandered on to Faith and Family and realized that it's Thursday. Funny how some days just sneak up on you.

I've had a rather productive week.

1. I slapped together a birthday party for Madeline on Friday in under 8 hours. Eleven hours after I got the idea to see if I could throw her a party that day all of the guests had already left my house. I'm still amazed that I pulled it off and people were able to make it to the party. Madeline was surprised when she found out she was having a party.

2. I am caught up on all of my laundry backlog. I even got the girls bedding washed this morning as a little bonus.

3. I spent all day yesterday cleaning and organizing the basement. It's looking pretty good and only needs a little extra work.

Bonus #1 I have just about every Christmas gift I brought for my girls wrapped already. (I started shopping in January.) I'm waiting on a few packages to arrive and I have two items that aren't wrapped because I can't decide which paper I want to use. I am essentially done shopping for Madeline. I'm going to buy her an outfit and a few candy treats for her stocking and then I'm finished my shopping for her. Ellie isn't quite so easy to shop for. I wish I could say I was done shopping for her, too.

Bonus #2 I stopped procrastinating and got my lesson plans in order for the Kindergarten RE class I'm teaching starting this Sunday. I finally got over to the parish office this morning to drop off my copy order forms for the worksheets. I'll be praying that I survive my adventure into the realm of Kindergarten Catechist.


  1. Good luck as a Kindergarten Catechist! My son started last week and loved doing a dot to dot of the cross. He also volunteered to his teacher that "Noah was a righteous man." Too bad they weren't actually talking about Noah.

  2. Christmas shopping already done?? Good gravy, woman, you're on top of it!

    Yay for being a catechist :D. The Church needs good ones!

  3. Wow! I'm impressed! and jealous! How do you manage all of that?!

  4. seriously, WOW! the whole Christmas thing is very impressive! I haven't started. You have inspired me, though and I will start shopping this week. Period.



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