Friday, September 4, 2009

Has your ride been "Mom"ed?

I got my minivan two months before Ellie was born. By the time she was a year old the van didn't exactly look new inside anymore. I had glitter from preschool projects all over the middle row. The car was covered in a layer of dust, and it smelled like sour milk from all the times that Ellie had spit up in the car. I cleaned the car (really, I did), but it became evident that my days of driving a car that perpetually looked brand new were over. How I managed to keep my first two cars looking pristine is a mystery to me now. The final nail in the coffin for my car was when Ellie somehow managed to get chocolate milk to spray all over the roof of the car when she was a year old. I have tried on many occasions to clean it off, but it looks like it is here to stay. Add to that the juice box that exploded in the little compartment on the driver's door that my husband still has not cleaned up for me despite me pleading with him numerous times over the past two years, and I've got one totally "Mom"ed ride.

I saw this video on a cousin's Facebook page today and I just had to share it here:


  1. My car is pretty bad. I just returned the second Dirt Devil handvac that exploded when I tried to vacuum my car. Sand, old apple cores, spilled drinks, candy wrappers (they're not allowed to eat candy by the way), crayons, papers...

  2. That's pretty funny. Perhaps the problem is you need a bigger vac. I use a nice hefty Craftsman Shop Vac to clean out my car. It was the best Mother's Day/Birthday Gift ever!


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