Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Review: Three Brothers and Three Sisters Tote Set

I recently had the opportunity to review the Three Brothers and Three Sisters Tote Set for The Catholic Company. This set includes seven books (one for each Sacrament), a Go Fish! card game and a laminated family prayer activity card.

The books are really cute. Each book features either the three brothers or the three sisters and a selected Sacrament. The books explain each Sacrament in a clear, concise way that will allow your little ones to understand the Sacrament and how it is administered. I liked the illustrations in the book. They were all done by the author's wife and children. They're mostly paper, felt and yard cut outs (like a scrap book) of people. Ellie, my four year old, found the illustrations rather amusing. On the whole, I think this set of books is geared towards the pre-school to first grade set. It would make a great gift for a child who is preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. My eight year old wasn't as interested in the books as her little sister was. She was happy to sit down and read these books to her little sister, but I think they're a little too babyish for her to want to sit down and read them on her own. I have plans to incorporate these books into my lesson plans for the Kindergarten Religious Ed class I'm teaching this year. I suspect the children in the class will probably enjoy the books as much as my four year old does.

The Go Fish! game has been an instant hit with Ellie. She loves the pictures (they're taken from illustrations in the book) and she's learning the names of the Sacraments and members of the clergy while she plays. This kid is getting a kick out of collecting deacons and bishops. My eight year old has enjoyed playing with this card game as well.

The tote bag that comes with this set is cute as well. It's the perfect size for a little one to carry around. It is small enough that you could bring it to Mass to entertain your little one. I like to bring a variety of children's missals to Mass with us each week to keep my little one occupied and quiet, but I think these books would be an appropriate alternative.

For more information on the Three Brothers and Three Sisters Tote Set, visit the Catholic Company.

As a reviewer in The Catholic Company's Book Reviewer Program, I was given the Three Brothers and Three Sisters Tote Set in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Nice review. I have a review to do for them too. I should stop horsing around on facebook and just get it done already!


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