Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Procrastinating again

Now that the gravity of my overzealous volunteering has hit me, I'm in the middle of a serious case of procrastination. Back in the Spring, I really felt like I should have taken the 7th grade CCD class when it was offered. But I was pretty reluctant. Then the deacon and his wife asked me a few times to consider teaching a kindergarten or 1st grade class on Sunday morning instead. I agreed to the kindergarten class because it would give me an excuse not to have to go to the 9:15 Sunday Mass and have my ears assaulted by the Folk Song group (Yes, it's that bad, and no I don't care if it sounds really uncharitable. It's the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts.)

Since the beginning of the school year I have had several moments where the thought that I really should have taught the older kids has crept into my head. (Don't get me wrong, I love my kindergarten class. They're great.) Week after week I see the plea for a religious ed teacher in the church bulletin and I did my best to ignore it even though I suspected it was a Thursday night class for an older grade. (It was.) Then, I have been asked to sub for the 7th grade and I found an excuse not to do it, only to get called the following week for the same class. I figured something was up and like a character on LOST (love that show) I realized that I couldn't keep avoiding it. Obviously, SOMEONE wants me to teach this class. So I stopped digging in my heels and decided to step up. I can't explain it, but I really felt like something was calling me to do this even though my instincts tell me to run in the other direction. So for now, I am procrastinating. The line from the Producers that "We're in too deep!" keeps going through my head, but I'm sure I'll be alright. I just feel a little overwhelmed with the task at hand. Sometime today, or tomorrow before 5PM I need to sit down and go back over the lesson plan I drew up last week. I need a game plan. I need motivation. I need a healthy dose of confidence or faith that I can, indeed, do this.

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  1. love LOST too; can't wait for Feb 2nd

    you can do this! I truly believe God wants you to teach this class; he will give you what you need to teach and how you need to teach it; just trust in him (and make sure you prepare your lesson). I have the utmost confidence in you that this will be a successful venture for you and the 7th graders



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