Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is the volunteer bug biting again?

I may have mentioned that Bryan is now one of the assistant coaches for Madeline's indoor soccer team. I have to say I'm kind of surprised he stepped up to coach again. And, I think there's the possibility that he may even step up and coach her team for the next session. We have an awesome coach and three assistant coaches (Bryan included), but the next indoor session will likely have two teams from our soccer club and it's already been mentioned that the team will need coaches. After this first indoor game, I think Bryan is really considering coaching the team himself. He has played indoor soccer in the past and he wasn't exactly happy with the way line changes were done last week.

Twice in 14 hours I have received a call from the Thursday night CCD coordinator. First she wanted me to sub for the session Madeline doesn't attend. (Bryan fielded that call while I was out last night and told her I wouldn't be interested.) I'm dedicated, but not THAT dedicated. Then this morning the phone rings and she asked me for the second week in a row to sub for the 7th grade class. Last week I wasn't feeling well so that and the fact that I wasn't sure I wanted to teach a 7th grade class led me to say no. This week I decided to see how insane I really am and I said yes. There has to be a reason I got called for 7th grade two weeks in a row, right? So I asked the coordinator my standard questions, what chapter are they on, is there a lesson plan and in general how is the behavior of this class. I come to find out that this class does not have a catechist. So they have been in class since mid-September and they still don't have a teacher and this is a sacrament prep year. If I were a parent of one of those kids I'd be really upset about this. How much can they be learning with no steady teacher? So I'm awaiting a phone call from the coordinator to find out what chapter the class did last week. I ran over to the parish office and got a copy of the text used for the class so I can start in on writing up a lesson plan. I let our religious ed director know that depending on how this class is tonight, I may decide to step up and teach the class. I'm pretty sure Bryan thinks I'm insane. I mentioned to him a couple of weeks ago that I was considering picking up a Thursday night class next year [meaning the 2010-11 school year], but I think that may be coming sooner than I think. Part of me is very hopeful that this class will have some really well behaved kids in it so that I'll want to be their catechist. I've been complaining for a few months that the kindergarten CCD is just too basic. I could use a class that has a little more substance.


  1. Wow! That is a big responsibility. You are very brave! I'm sure they appreciate you :)

  2. if you get a good group of kids it could be fun to teach them, especially if they are really receptive to learning and discussing; almost like a good mentoring time!



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