Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I think my kid grew!

On Christmas Eve I thought it was a little odd that Madeline's Christmas dress looked so short on her. When I brought it in early November it looked a little big on her. So I chalked it up to me forgetting what it looked like on her. No biggie.

She wore a new sweater she got for Christmas on Saturday so that fit her just fine and looked a smidge big on her. Then Sunday rolled around I thought her clothes looked a little small. Of course, at this point I'm thinking the shirt must have shrunk in the dryer. After running through the same scenario yesterday and today, I'm beginning to think that the clothes haven't gotten smaller, but rather, Madeline must have grown. She's never really hit a growth spurt before, unless I count the ones she hit as an infant. She's always been slow to grow so this sudden growth has come as a bit of a shock.

The funny thing in all of this is that I took her clothes shopping yesterday and picked up a few Spring outfits. I thought the clothes seemed a little on the small side, but I thought I was imagining it. I find it really hard to believe that I might have to buy some size 10 shirts for my child who was swimming in size 7/8 shirts back in September. The arms on the current shirts are fine, but her torso seems to have shot up. Even our neighbor who had the girls over for a play date this afternoon commented that Madeline looked taller. In fact, she appears to only be a few inches shorter than her very tall friend now.

Something tells me I'm going to have to buy some new clothes for Madeline before school resumes next week.

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  1. Ha ha, my daughter is now 2 inches taller than me and I didn't notice it happen. At her birthday in May we were both 5 ' 2 ". People started to comment on how tall she was and then we measured her. Pretty scary!


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