Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There's more to living than life!

On Sunday, Bryan and I were discussing the recent competitive behavior of Madeline's soccer coach. We were concerned that he has gotten to the point where he's pushing so hard and is so worried about winning that he's going to push the girls away from the sport. It's sad, because he says there they're to learn the game and have fun, but it really seems like his focus is winning. I wasn't at Sunday's game, but I heard plenty about it from Bryan and Madeline who were in the box with him. So as we were discussing the coach, Madeline started going on about how it's not about winning, but having fun. She doesn't understand why coach is getting all bent out of shape. That's when she spouted out the lovely saying you see at the top of this blog. She interjected into the conversation that Bryan and I were having that "Someone should tell Coach R that there's more to living than life!". Umm....ok, if you say so. Personally, I don't see how you can separate life from living, but sure, we'll roll with it.

This lovely little quote came to mind this morning as I did Madeline's hair. I looked down at her and thought "Gosh, her eyelid looks awfully fleshy!". So I did a closer inspection and discovered that my daughter plucked just about every single eyelash off of her right eye. She has maybe 8 on the bottom and about 14 on the top. God help me! The other eye has a few bald spots but it's nothing like the right eye. Of course Madeline blamed us for the situation after she lied to us several times about how it happened. I feel like I'm in the Austin Powers movie sometimes when I'm trying to get the truth out of her. I have to ask the same question three or four times before I get the truth. She plucked her eyelid bare because it was hurting her and we [Bryan and I] weren't doing anything about it. (Ever hear of rubbing your eye, kid?) Mind you, this child has never told me here eyelashes hurt. I would have told her to gently rub them.

Bryan did a Google search and found that it will take 6 weeks for the eyelashes to grow back, but in 4 weeks she should start to look normal. Christmas morning pictures should look interesting. I guess I should have taken the girls for Christmas portraits this year, but I certainly won't be going now. I will just have to be happy with the beach pictures I took back in October.


  1. Is she anxious about anything? I've heard children will pull out hair (and eyelashes) when anxious. A friend of mine who blogs has a daughter who does this with her eyelashes. They work with her on it. Maybe it is something to watch to see if it happens again when they grow back?

    I love her quote!! Your family has the right attitude! You rock, mom in the trenches (and goal posts...)

  2. oh with the eyelashes!! I would have thought she would give up after a few; that had to hurt, don't you think?

    hate coaches who put winning over everything else especially at such a young age that Madeline's team is. Spoils the "fun" of it


  3. I asked her if she was worried about anything or nervous as she was pulling her eyelashes. She says she was and I guess pulling out the eyelashes made her feel better. I told her she needs to find something else to keep her hands busy when she feels this way. I was a chronic worrier when I was younger (I still worry a lot, but it's not a debilitating now as it was when I was a kid.) Of course, now I'm worried that I passed the worrying gene onto my daughter. Hopefully I can help her past all of this. I told my best friend what happened and she tells me it's actually a nervous disorder that her sister suffers from.


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