Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heater is fixed!

I'm still waiting for the heating company that fixed my heater back in October to return my call about the non-functioning heater. Nice, huh? Bryan came home early from work and called another heating guy who came out within the hour. A few hours later I had heat again. Then we had a new problem. The heat wouldn't go off. I had Bryan call the heating guy and it turns out something was left in the heating unit that would override the thermostat.

We have gone from very cold to very warm in the span of a day. I'm very happy that everything is on it's way back to normal. Here's hoping I won't need to see a heating repairman for a long time. Twice in two months is too much!


  1. glad it is fixed; you would think in this day and age with the way the economy is and how people are hurting for business that the first company would have had better customer service and called you back


  2. So glad you have heat again! How frustrating. I know that my heater is old and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts until spring!


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