Wednesday, December 2, 2009


There are some odd things that spark proud mommy moments in me. Today Ellie pulled out the infamous poopy tea party set* and started to offer Madeline and I "hot chocolate". Madeline was standing in the kitchen when Ellie started peddling her hot chocolate. Since we have two identical tea sets Madeline asked the obvious question. Which tea set is that? I informed her that it was Ellie's set, which fell victim to the horrific Naptime Poo Incident of December 9th 2007. That sparked the delightful sarcasm from Madeline. Just like yours truly, Madeline assumed a tone that surprised me as she asked her sister where the hot chocolate came from and asked if she she was sure it was chocolate and not something else. This kid is going to be like teflon by the time she hits middle school.

Poor Ellie is oblivious to the fact that no one, short of Oscar, is interested in partaking of any tea, coffee or hot chocolate served in her adorable tea set. I'll pretend to drink from her cup, but I'll never let it touch my mouth.

*I'm assuming that some of you are at least mildly curious about the poopy tea party set so I'll tell you the story. One December Sunday afternoon two years ago Bryan and I were replacing a lighting fixture in the kitchen while our two year old Ellie napped in her bedroom [or so we thought]. She was quiet for a couple of hours which had us convinced that she gave in and napped. When I went to get Ellie from her nap I instantly was hit by the overpowering smell of poo, so I did what any mom who is married to a smelling impaired husband would do, I called Bryan up to change his daughter's diaper. It wasn't until I hit the light switch that I discovered the nightmare that Ellie's room had become. She didn't nap that day. Instead, my child discovered all the fun things a two year old could do with a diaper full of poo. Drag your tush across the new cream colored carpet like a dog? Check! Paint a poo mural? Of Course! Poo artwork on the window? You got it! Enhance the all white arm chair with brown accents? Absolutely! Examine every article of clothing in your dresser? Why not? Peruse all of your favorite board books? You have to pass the time somehow. How about a tea party with cups and spoons filled with poo? A tea party any other way would be silly! Honestly, I don't know how that room ever got back to a clean state. It took Bryan and I several hours to clean the room and the child. Bryan wanted to dispose of the tea party set, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I hand washed the set, sprayed it with Lysol and then ran it through the dishwasher. I'm sure it's clean, but no one who has heard the story or seen the pictures Bryan took of the tea set will ever want to have their lips touch it.

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  1. oh my! I'm going to remember this if Ellie ever invites me over for tea! I've been spared such an incident with my kids but I have heard of other horror stories, although yours definitely takes the cake



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