Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's a Hanukkah miracle!

Did my title catch your attention? Some of you are probably scratching you heads trying to figure out why this crazy Catholic woman is talking about a Hanukkah miracle, right? Well, I kind of like to celebrate lots of holidays.

As a teen, I used to like watching reruns of old Saturday Night Live episodes. Besides the Land Shark and the Choppin' Broccoli song, Hanukkah Harry really stuck with me. So while I don't actually celebrate Hanukkah, I do jokingly tell my kids that if they're good Hanukkah Harry will leave them socks or underwear or some other very practical item. My brother, Mark, and I usually give each other a present from Hanukkah Harry on Christmas. We even use Hanukkah wrap. And, I have to admit that I love the dreidel song. It's just so catchy.

So what's the Hanukkah miracle? Bryan sent me a text telling me to order the speed light for my camera. I've been wanting to buy one for nearly two years, but have found the $250 price tag for a camera accessory to be too rich for my blood. After Madeline's first communion I was really disappointed in how my indoor shots came out and Bryan offered to buy me the speed light for my birthday and Mother's Day (the Sunday and Monday directly following Madeline's first communion). Of course, we suddenly needed to get Bryan's car repaired and let's just say the speed light never got ordered. (Such is life!) So the simple fact that Bryan got an unexpected bonus that will bring me my much wanted speed light and him his much coveted office TV is something that I'm going to refer to as the Hanukkah miracle of 2009. Kind of makes you wonder what Festivus will bring!

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  1. cool! I bet you are looking forward to its arrival; will you have it in time for Christmas?



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