Thursday, December 17, 2009

Think they'll get the message?

For three days now I have sent my children to the basement to play and have told them that the giant mess needs to be cleaned up. I'm a neat freak. I like everything to be in it's designated place. Messes and disorder really bother me. Last night I reminded the girls at least three times that they needed to make sure the basement was clean before bed. So imagine my irritation when I see that the Legos finally got picked up, but in exchange Barbie pieces, play food and sidewalk chalk had been strewn about. It is taking everything in me to not straighten up the basement myself and ban the kids from playing with their toys. (That's my unhealthy obsession with perfection trying to creep in and take over.) So with a full week left before Christmas, I decided to see if a little not so subtle reminder will be the kick in the pants my girls seem to need. Think it will work?


  1. Hey if you can use then use it! I don't have that kind of power any more...the gig is up here! However if I did I would be using it! LOL Let us know how it goes!

  2. I wish the "gig" had never even started in my house. But in-laws, my parents and my husband forced the tradition on me when Madeline was a toddler. Nothing says Merry Christmas like scaring the crap out of little kids by telling them a creepy old man dressed in red stalks them, breaks into their house while they're sleeping and leaves them presents. For years I believed that he was really the devil (because he wore red). Talk about anxiety!

  3. ROFL- I know what you mean. The extend family doesn't know the gig is up, if they bring up Santa my kids don't say much especially if the cousins are around. We are going to have presents under the tree labeled "From Santa" so that way my kids when asked by their younger cousins what did Santa give you they can honestly reply Santa got me.... Because the gift said "from Santa" LOL

  4. I think it could be effective; hoping they get the hint and clean up their play mess



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