Friday, December 4, 2009

I've got a mini-reviewer on my hands!

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice that I write book reviews for The Catholic Company and Tiber River. I also review products for Amazon in addition to some word of mouth campaigns that I participate in with a few other companies. I love to review products [even the ones that aren't given to me for free].

The week of Thanksgiving, Amazon was rather generous and allowed it's Vine members to select four items for review instead of the usual two. (How cool is that?) Since the week before I had picked a book that was going to consume a lot of my free time, I decided to select books that Madeline could read since there weren't any picture books available for her to read to Ellie. Madeline was pretty thrilled when she found out I selected two books and another kid oriented cookbook. (Too bad they don't come with samples of the finished product!) Anyway my standard procedure with regards to reviewing toy and books for kids has been to ask the girls if they like it, why they like it and so on when writing a review. Generally, I like to give my impression and the girls' impression of the same product in my review. Madeline read one book that I didn't care for at all and she gave me a lot of good feedback. Then she decided to read the second book and write her own review of it and present it to me while I was doing laundry a couple days ago. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with her review. Given that it was written by an 8 year old I have to say it's really good. I haven't had the chance to read the book so I can review it for Amazon, but when I do, I'll be including Madeline's review. I'm really proud of the budding writer she's becoming. I usually don't blog about my Amazon reviews, but I'll probably at least link to the one Madeline helped to write when I complete it.

As an aside to my little product reviewer story, I have to tell you what she did when she helped her sister write a letter to Santa. She wrote out all of her little sister's wishes in a very nicely worded letter. And best of all, my child decided to use my preferred letter closing of Warmest Regards. My heart swelled with pride when I saw that at the bottom of the letter. How many 8 year olds close letters like that? I know I didn't write like that at age 8. She has asked me on a few occasions if she could write a blog post here. Perhaps I'll let her be a guest blogger here someday. I know she'd love that.

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  1. how cute! looking forward to Madeline as a guest blogger when you are ready to "hand over the reins" for a day :)

    cool too that she has that sense of writing and enjoys it; its a lost art these days, believe you me! I don't think my 20 y/o would know how to end a letter, I don't think
    "Warmest Regards" is in his vocabulary of words; great education she is getting learning both at school and at home



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