Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will this be the weekend of disappointment?

For a few days, everyone has been talking about the impending snow storm that they have been predicting on the news. Since I have two kids who take over the family room TV, I never get to see the news. If I don't read about something online, hear about it on the radio, or from my husband, friend or family room, then assume that I just live under a rock. (To be honest, I kind of like living under my rock. It's cozy here.)

Given that I'm not up to date on the news most of the time, I tend to be VERY skeptical when people start talking about snow. Snow, as you all know is a four letter word. It is perhaps the worst one I know. (Well, I know others that I won't use on this blog that are worse, but they don't offend me like snow does.) I did what any skeptic would do over the past few days. I denied that snow could happen, let alone stick.

I can no longer deny the weather forecast for snow. It came, it stuck, and I am now forced to acknowledge that it's here. In my opinion, this wintery precipitation could not have picked a worse weekend to come here. My father-in-law and his girlfriend are supposed to come here today to celebrate Christmas a few days early. The kids were excited. (Grandparents and presents tend to have that effect on them.) I spent all day yesterday getting the house ready for guests and thawing a 15lb turkey. Now, I don't know if they'll be able to make it as the white stuff continues to fall from the sky and is predicted to do so until tomorrow morning. This weekend is also the Christmas party for the CCD kids. Santa is supposed to visit them and we were going to be singing Christmas carols and having a good time. Now I'm not sure if that class is going to happen. The deacon cancelled classes last year when snow was in the forecast. (The snow didn't fall until 12 hours after the class time.) I suspect he'll be canceling the classes tomorrow. It's less important, but I was also supposed to be picking up my envelopes at church this weekend. (You should all know by now that I worry about stupid things.) If I'm snowed in, how am I supposed to get to church? Ugh. I suspect that Madeline's soccer game for tomorrow may also be cancelled. I'm also supposed to drive to my mom's and get the turkey for Christmas and the gifts.

I know I'm whining, but I really wish this snow wasn't here to wreck all of my weekend plans. I have things to do, places to go and people to see. I think worst of all is the thought that my little family of four will have to eat the turkey alone (I suppose we could invite neighbors over), and the potential of having to keep all the Christmas treat bags for my kindergarten class for two more weeks. (I want those bags out of my house like you wouldn't believe.)

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  1. hoping the events don't get canceled and your FIL/girlfriend are able to visit. when we lived in Montana, they never canceled anything for snow so it kind of makes me chuckle (just a bit) when I read about things canceled because of it, but I also realize in bigger cities there's more of a safety issue than in the smalelr town I lived in, in Montana. I also realize if things got canceled because of snow in Montana, no one would ever go out some years between November and March. You can very adapt with managing the snow no matter what is planned.

    turkey sandwich sounds good just about now



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