Thursday, December 10, 2009

Small Successes-Second week of Advent

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. I managed not to freak out when I got an email two nights ago from Madeline's teacher asking me to organize the Holiday Brunch for her class with 15 days notice. Eeek! Umm...I'm a control freak and I REALLY would have liked to have known about this last week. If I'm going to be fair, I guess I should have emailed the teacher last Friday when Madeline came home with the "Daily News Flash" for her class and I saw the brunch listed. But then I figured that maybe she was letting another mom organize the party so it didn't look like I was the classroom party tyrant. The party planning started off pretty well, but it seems to have petered out with many things left on the list. I'm trying not to judge the people who reply with just an "I'll bring the ketchup!" when I have more pressing items on the list like beverages and actual food. Worst case scenario I'm adding water to the ketchup and making tomato juice. (I'm kidding about that. Man that would be gross!)

2. Indoor soccer started this Sunday for Madeline. I accepted the fact that I'm simply not going to get any good pictures because of how the venue is set up. Flash, no flash, there's just no getting around the fact that a chain link fence pulls the focus of the camera. The lighting situation is also pretty bad in there. Madeline's team lost, but my daughter didn't cry about the loss (some of the girls did). I'm happy that at this point in time it's just a game to her and she's not concerned about winning or losing. Oh, and I kept myself from screaming like a maniac in the bleachers. I determined that screaming on the sidelines at a normal soccer game is not the same as screaming from the bleachers at an indoor game. The realization that every Sunday from now until mid-May will have a soccer game (with the exception of Easter and Mother's Day) set in earlier this week. With me teaching CCD on Sunday mornings and occasionally going to the 7:45AM Mass before that class, I can see that Sundays are going to be long days for a good many months. (We normally go to Mass on Saturday night incase you're wondering why I said we occasionally go to Mass on Sunday.)

3. I went out and ran several errands last night without any kids. That was nice. And I also managed to squeeze in going to confession. I got a lot done in under 1 1/2 hours considering I went to four different stores in three different areas.


  1. Good for you, Karen!

    Sometimes, not having to take pictures at events is freeing to me, so that I can just live in the moment and enjoy what's happening (as opposed to being obsessed with getting the perfect picture). Sometimes, I don't even take my camera.

  2. Agree with Sarah on this one. I usually forget to bring my camera, and (although I often wish I had pictures after the fact) it allows me to enjoy the experience without seeing it through a lens.

    Also, I think your biggest success is that you've committed to that many soccer games :)

  3. 4 stores in 3 areas and Confession in 1 1/2 hours? That's incredible! It takes me that long to find my keys :)

  4. brunch sounds like fun! Its nice to know the teacher can count on you to put on a "good spread" so to speak for the kidlets :)

    you will have busy Saturdays; but good that Madeline enjoys playing to play :)



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