Monday, June 8, 2009

Oooh! I have another idea!

About 3 years ago, Madeline wanted puppets and this little table top puppet theatre. My brother was kind enough to buy it for Madeline's birthday.  Upon opening the puppet theatre, she made what was perhaps the most ungrateful comment she has ever made after opening a gift.*  It was one of those moments where you wish you could have hit a mute button or at least hit rewind and make a loud noise to cover up the comment.  Anyway, Madeline did play with the puppets, but it wasn't a hit.
So I'm sitting here looking at my friend Flat Father Stanley, and I'm trying to come up with more ideas on how I can put him to use and that's when it hits me. Puppets! Enter what I think is my genius idea of the afternoon.  I can make up laminated "puppets" on sticks to present the lessons for the RE class.  My buddy Flat Fr. Stan can introduce the puppets and we can put on a show.  I'm betting the kids would love having the chance to be puppeteers in the show, and they may actually retain what I'm teaching because they'll be having fun.  And best of all, I'll get to use funny voices while I teach.  I'm familiar with the class room I'm teaching in, so I already know I have a place where we can put on a show.  Making up little puppets and props should be easy, and taking them to Staples to get laminated is pretty cheap. 
I emailed the RE office earlier today and asked about whether or not I'm limited in the way that I'm allowed to present the material, and also if I can use books and resources that are not from the text.  I was told I'm free to have fun with it, so that works for me.  

* Madeline was expecting something else from Uncle Mark, but she hadn't yet opened that present that was very much wanted.  Little fun fact: I tell my kids that "Maybe Uncle Mark will buy it for you." when they want something I already got them.


  1. My first attempt to post a comment didn't work :(
    Are you gonna tell us what profound and embarassing comment your daughter made?

  2. puppets are always a crowd pleaser for little ones! another good idea!


  3. Cookie,
    Madeline loudly made a comment to the effect of "What's this? You were supposed to buy me (Fill in the blank of whatever it was that she wanted)! Why didn't you get it for me? Mommy said you would! What am I going to do with this?". She did this when the focus was all on her in a packed house. It was something I think you would refer to as a proud parent moment. We've taught the girls from early on to smile and say thank you for anything they get, even if it's hideous. The rule is you can say anything you want about the gift after everyone goes home.


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