Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family Photo Meme

Elizabeth over at The Divine Gift of Motherhood tagged me in a Family Photo Meme.  Post a family picture with a story behind it and write about it.

This a photo of Ellie and my dad on Father's Day 2007.  We were homeless at that time.  We had just sold our house 6 days before and were living with my brother until we could settle on our current home exactly two years ago today.  We spent two and a half weeks living at my wonderful brother Mark's house.  How he survived 17 days of us living with him I'll never know.  
That Father's day, we enjoyed a nice afternoon by the pool with my parents and my brother Mark.  Bryan and I unsuccessfully tried to teach Madeline how to swim in the pool that day.  At the same time we had to keep our fearless Ellie from jumping into the water.  When Ellie wasn't trying to dive into the deep end, she was glued to her beloved Pop's side.  They have such a special bond.  Ever since Ellie was a tiny baby she has been very attached to her Pop. I just love to watch her interact with him.  There's just something special about seeing two of your favorite people have share such an amazing bond.  

I tag SAHMinIL, Joy, Cookie, and anyone else who wants to join in on the fun!


  1. What a great picture! Bonding with grandparents is a beautiful thing :)

    oh, and thanks for the homework assignment ;)

  2. what a sweet picture and story; so neat when grandparents are close enough in proximity for their grandkids to get to spend time with them!!

    (thanks for visiting my silly little blog :)



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