Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tribute Crackers

When it comes to certain snacks Katie acts a bit like a mob boss who needs to wet her beak.  She always expects her cut.  She thinks she owns the place.

Ellie pulled out a pack of peanut butter crackers this morning and wanted to know if she could have them in front of Katie.  Peanut butter crackers are one of Katie's favorite snacks.  She'll find ways of getting them out of the pantry even though they are out of her reach.  Pretty much once she sees them she will cry for them until she gets them or we successfully distract her and hide them.  So Ellie was told that the only way she could eat her snack and maintain peace in the house would be to offer Katie a tribute cracker.  The catch with the tribute cracker is you need to consume your snack before she finishes the cracker.  If you don't then an additional tribute cracker is required.  Ellie is a slow eater, so Katie managed to score two tribute crackers this morning.

1 comment:

  1. Most excelllent ~ tribute cracker; what a great concept.


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