Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 61


I think it's easy to forget how much work raising a toddler takes when you have never had one or haven't had one in your home for a number of years.  Katie is a VERY busy, busy, busy, little girl and she's wearing me out.  Bryan and I are certain that Madeline and Ellie weren't nearly as busy as Katie is.  I wonder if living in a house that was half the size made life with a toddler more manageable.

Lately my days have consisted of cleaning up messes and trying to prevent bigger messes from happening.  At this point anything within 36 inches of the ground that isn't locked or nailed down is likely to be turned inside out by our resident tornado.
Have I mentioned that I'm also fairly certain that we have the loudest toddler in existence?  She's so loud and spends so much of her time screaming (for fun), screeching, and loudly babbling that I feel like I'm in a constant state of sensory overload.
At Mass this morning it was so odd not hearing "Benedict our Pope" during the Eucharistic Prayer.  Even though I know this is sede vacante and I knew I wouldn't be hearing his name anymore it still caught me off guard.
Spring soccer officially begins tomorrow.  Madeline has a home game this weekend.  Bryan is now one of the directors for the soccer club and he is on duty tomorrow so we have another Saturday where it's just me and the girls for most of the day.  The start of soccer and Madeline's late games all season mean that we have a lot of schedule juggling to do to figure out which Masses we're able to get to.  Me teaching a class on Sunday morning and Ellie's soccer games on Sunday (starting in a few weeks) might translate into all of us having to go to the 7:30AM Mass on Sundays. (Eeek!)
I'm praying for two families who have lost children in the past two weeks.  My girls have been really sweet to remember these families each morning as we do our Jesus Tree reading and decade of the rosary.  
Ellie has a half day today.  Her bus should be here any minute now.  Once she gets home I get to spend a couple of hours with her before Katie wakes from her nap and Madeline comes home from school.  She talks so much when they're not around.  She tells me some of the funniest things.

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  1. I always love your quick takes posts! :) We, too, have a very busy toddler.


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