Friday, March 8, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 62


Madeline came home yesterday with an assignment for language arts to build a leprechaun trap and write a paper about it.  Of course, Madeline told me the trap had to be done ASAP and I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon/evening helping doing the construction and assembly of the trap.  Once it was nearly finished she proceeded to freak out that it wasn't original because I found the idea on the internet. Oh, and she also told me that she didn't need the trap and related materials for school the next day like she originally stated several times when she came home.  
Katie is still cutting those pesky molars.  It makes for very exhausting days as she bites my clothes and insists on being held by me for the vast majority of the day.  I wish these molars would just break all the way through soon so she can go back to being a happy little person.
Some days I wonder which is the bigger challenge.  Parenting a middle schooler (see #1) or a toddler (see #2).  It seems like a dead heat with each age having it's own specific challenges, however, I do see a lot of parallels between toddlers and adolescents.  Have I mentioned how seemingly easy it is to parent a seven year old by comparison?
Katie doesn't get to watch much TV.  This fact amazes her big sisters who used to act like their world would end if they weren't basking in the glow of Nick Jr. when they were her age.  So when she gets to see some TV she's usually captivated by it.  Last week we discovered that she will literally stop whatever she's doing to watch the Fish McNugget commercial.  And yes, I know they're not really called that but that's pretty much what they are.  I don't eat any sea creatures so I find the whole Fish McNugget concept to be really gross.  Here's the commercial that she really likes: 
I feel like I had a productive week as far as writing up book reviews.  It gives me some hope that I might actually be able to find the time over the next few weeks to write up the posts I want to do for a First Communion series.  I've been thinking about doing this since last summer but I've obviously procrastinated on writing anything for months.
Speaking of First Communions, I still have to see which dress we're going to use for Ellie.  I have a couple of dresses my mom and dad picked up on at JC Penney last Spring and Madeline's dress.  It's a question of seeing which one fits and looks the nicest on Ellie.  I think it's narrowed down to two of the dresses.  There's also the question of what I'm going to do with her hair.
I've come to the conclusion that I really need to stay away from MSM stories regarding the upcoming conclave.  Every time I read one of these articles I find myself annoyed with what's in the article.  There's just so much misinformation in these stories that it's maddening.

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