Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh My Skin!

About a month ago Katie stopped nursing and ever since my skin has been a wreck.  First it was super oily and started breaking out in areas where it never broke out even when I was a teenager.  Now it's still broken out but I have dry patches all over my face.  I haven't done anything different with my cleaning/moisturizing routine, so I'm assuming this is all hormonal.

Over the past week it seems like my skin is taking a turn for the worse rather than improving.  I can handle the occasional blemish but this is getting to me.  My face just feels awful.   I'm not thrilled to be having skin problems that are making me feel like I'm half my age.

Melody over at Blossoming Joy posted about using oil to wash her face about a month ago.  Which is right about the time my skin woes began.  A few days ago a sample of an oil face wash came in the mail so now I'm wondering if it's time to oil cleansing a go.  I feel desperate...desperate enough to consider allowing something with castor oil in it to make contact with my face.

Not only do I have to figure out what's going on with my face, I also need to find a way to get the skin on my hands to stop cracking.  It seems like I can't moisturize them enough, and I do every time I wash my hands and even in between.

I feel like my skin is presently the bane of my existence.  I wish I could find a quick fix, but I'm sure whatever winds up being the solution will probably take at least a few days to get everything back on track.

It just amazes me that for twenty four months I had almost no complexion issues, which is odd considering my skin is usually a mess when I'm pregnant or nursing.  Perhaps that's the solution.  Maybe we just need to add another little one to the mix.  Something tells me Bryan is going to tell me to find another least for now. ;)

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  1. Have you tried coconut oil for your hands? I have found it heals my hands pretty well when they get dry. I just take some from the bucket I use for cooking and keep a tub of it on my dresser.


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