Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brother Francis Let's Sing

By now I think it's pretty well established that we're fans of the Brother Francis series of DVDs.  The kids love them and I like them because of how well they teach young kids about their Catholic faith.  One of the things the kids like the best about the Brother Francis DVDs is the music.  Someone always winds up having a Brother Francis song stuck in their head after watching one of the episodes.

When we were first introduced to the Brother Francis series, the girls would frequently mention that it would be nice if the songs were on a CD so they could listen to them.  I was excited when I found out about the Brother Francis CD called Let's Sing.  Let's Sing has all of our favorite songs from the Brother Francis episodes 1-5.

If you're a fan of the Brother Francis series, you're sure to like this CD.  The music is catchy and fun for  young kids.  It's the perfect music for playing in a religious ed class for the preschool through second grade age range.  I played a few selections from this album for my kindergarten students this morning and they liked the new songs.  We listened to the Sign of the Cross and Our Father Songs and many of them started singing along when I played it a second time.  I also like how well some of the songs tie in with certain chapters from our text book.  Today I taught a lesson about how we are part of the Church and the catchy song "I've Got a Family" summed up the entire lesson in roughly two and a half minutes.  If the song sticks with them the way it does with my own children then what they learned today in class is sure to stick with them.

Brother Francis Let's Sing is a great collection of 14 songs.  Visit Brother Francis Online for more information on this CD or to order a copy.

I was provided with a review copy of this CD by the publisher, Herald Entertainment, in exchange for my honest review.

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