Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Over on Facebook Mandi from Messy Wife, Blessed Life was asking for toddler Easter basket suggestions for her sweet little one.  When it comes to stuffing Easter baskets for my girls, I pretty much adhere to a list year after year.  Each year my girls can count on finding a bathing suit, a pool toy or goggles, some candies or treats and a faith based book and possibly a rosary or some other religious trinket.  I try to keep the focus on the religious aspect of the holiday and downplay the bunny.  Below you'll find some of my suggestions for a Catholic toddler's Easter basket.

We have a nice collection of Easter books and faith based board books in our house that are appropriate for little ones.  My favorite board books are the ones from Magnificat/Ignatius Press:

If you're interested in just Easter stories, I like these books:
For some reason the prices are sky high on the Easter Swallows on Amazon so I'd suggest ordering it from the publisher if you're interested in it.

If you aren't interested in books for you little one, why not go with a Brother Francis DVD?  These DVDs are a hit with my toddler and my seven year old.  So it's something that your child will enjoy for years to come.  

A big colorful rosary is also a fun addition to an Easter basket.  Katie loves to play with her rosary.

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