Friday, April 15, 2011

How We Celebrated "Pink" Sunday

It seems these days that time is moving a little too fast for me to keep up.  Maybe I'm overextended at the moment (completely through my own fault) or maybe I'm just a little lazy.  Whatever the case may be, I'm finally getting around to writing up how we took time to rejoice on Laetare Sunday.

Presents are always good for getting little girls to rejoice, so early Sunday evening when the girls came inside from playing with their friends they found two mysterious pink packages tied with a purple ribbon sitting on the kitchen table.  Instantly they wanted to know what was inside.

We told the girls they'd have to open their presents at the same time and Madeline was instructed not to say anything until Ellie had a few moments to get a good look at her present.  Needless to say, Miss Blabber Mouth, who is every bit Mrs. Big Mouth's daughter exclaimed what her present said.  Her sister still managed to be surprised.  Apparently bewilderment and certainty that there must be some mistake had quickly overcome both Madeline and Ellie.

You see, they both opened a package with a little bracelet with two little words that happened to be the same.  The girls went from total confusion to excitement in a little less than two minutes.

To celebrate our big news, we went to a local diner for dinner.

I realize the picture of the girls modeling their bracelets isn't exactly the best so I snapped a picture of Ellie today wearing a tee shirt that proclaims her new status.

This October (hopefully September) we will welcome a new little one to our family.  We're very excited and incredibly blessed.

Ellie is certain that she is going to have a little brother and she has taken the liberty of naming him Daniel.  Where she got the name is beyond me.  If we do have a son I doubt his name will be Daniel, but you never know.  She was a bit disappointed when she found out that the privilege of naming the baby is not reserved for the big sister-to-be.


  1. Congratulations!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  2. OH WOW!!!!! YAY!!!! I am "tickled PINK" at the news and am so excited for you!!! MUCH love!


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