Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paper Infestation

Where does all of this paper that is taking over my house come from?  For the past several days I've been on a cleaning kick and day after day I'm finding that I'm mostly tossing paper.  It's pure insanity.  I've got tons of paper everywhere and this isn't counting the books.

My recycle trash can is filled with paper.  My garage has several boxes of paper that needs to be recycled (but won't fit in the can).  And, of course, as I try to get the house ready for Easter (I'd like a clean house by Thursday.) I generate even more paper trash.  Gaaa!  It's never going to go away.

Next year when we homeschool I'm looking forward to discarding paper as soon as it's graded.  Let's hope I can get away with that.  Maybe I'll get a binder for each of the girls that can hold prized work.

I think it's time we ditch paper and go digital.  How great would it be if my girls could have all their curriculum on an e-reader or an iPad?  Maybe someday that will be our reality. It certainly would be sweet.

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