Thursday, April 21, 2011


or just another way God decides to test my sanity and or sense of humor.

Several weeks ago in one of my frenzied cleaning sprees, I came across the warranty information for the new shower Bryan and my father-in-law installed almost two years ago and I threw it away (It was installed on July 13th 2009 if you want specifics).  The shower was replaced because the previous owners weren't familiar with these things called cleaning products (Yes, I know, I'm being mean and gossipy, but I'm going to confession tomorrow.  Humor the acne ridden pregnant woman, will ya?).  Now we had used the old shower (It's amazing what liquid draino, several gallons of straight bleach and 24 combined hours of elbow grease will do.)  but it had a leaking issue that had to be addressed frequently.

So we replaced the shower with a nice looking acrylic one that we hoped would last us five to ten years.  We figured by the time we needed or wanted a new shower we would be in a position to put in something nice, like a tile or solid surface one.  You know, something that would cost some money but would likely see us through to the end of our lives.

Last week I was taking a shower and I heard a loud crack sound when I stepped on the area where my father in law had decided to not only remove part of the floor support, but also the styrofoam support for the shower floor.  It's an area of the shower we try to avoid but sometimes it can't be helped.  I thought I felt a crack but I didn't see anything.  A few days later Bryan noticed that the family room ceiling was wet.  Fun!

For part of last week we had to use the kids' bathroom for showers.  After living for ten years with 2 1/2 baths, it's kind of rough losing full functionality of one bathroom.  I know some people have to make due with one and a half or just one bathroom so this probably seems like ungrateful whining on some level.  I don't mean it to be.  It's just not fun to have to wait to take a shower while your nine year old is busy singing in the shower and using all the hot water.  Have I mentioned our hot water heater is in dire need of replacement?  That's another story, but until we can replace it, we'll continue to keep a frying pan under the pipe that happily leaks water.

On Sunday, Bryan was pretty sure the shower was fixed.  He was convinced it was a drain issue and he replaced the drain, tested it and was satisfied that the problem was solved.  Since Monday he's been checking the ceiling after every shower.  Up until today things were looking pretty good.  That was until I took a shower.  Once again I stepped in the area which must not be stood upon and I heard a crack.  So I made a mental note to tell Bryan.  Then hours later I noticed that the family room ceiling was not only wet but had two new, huge, water stains.  Great!  I told Bryan what I saw and he said he'd take a look at it tonight.

Before we put the kids to bed we were talking about the shower issue and decided to take a look at it.  Sure enough there's a nice crack right where I thought I felt one.  So I apparently broke the shower.  Sigh.

This means that we will not have a shower for a while, and even worse, I'm going to have to endure a construction project while pregnant.  I'm trying my best to not be Massive Mood Swing Karen this pregnancy, but things like this are going to do nothing but test my limits.  Here's hoping we can get the shower replaced without me losing my sanity or breaking the bank.

I suppose I should tell Bryan I also sent the warranty info to the recycle bin a few weeks ago.  Awesome!

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  1. I'm not sure if this is helpful. Do you know the store you bought the shower? They may have kept records that might cover you for warranty purposes. There may be a date on the shower itself that would be accepted. Lastly, do you keep records of bills of major household items purchased. That too might be acceptable. Been there and done that with a few "should really really keep" papers!


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