Monday, April 4, 2011

First I Lost Track Of The Days...

I think I can officially say that I'm losing it.  A few weeks ago I lost track of what day it was.  For three days I thought it was Wednesday, but I was only right on one of the three days.  Only that wasn't good enough.  On the day when it was, in fact, Wednesday, I forgot that I was supposed to be lunch mom at Ellie's school.  Not my shining moment.

Fortunately since that screwy week where I had no idea what day it was, I've been pretty good about knowing what day it is.  I thought I was chugging along just fine, until I came to the startling realization this evening that I apparently don't know what year we're in.  Now maybe you'll think I got confused and thought it was still 2010.  No, I knew full well that we have said goodbye to that dreadful year where family members dropped off left and right.  Would you believe I thought we were already in 2012?

I was once again browsing some homeschooling sites and I was getting annoyed that so much of the content on their sites was dated.  Honestly, am I supposed to enroll my children in a home study program where they have last year's information up on their site as if it's current?  I simply could not figure out what the problem was with these places.  Then I tried to figure out what happened in 2011 since I hardly had any recollection of it.  A few minutes of me being perplexed and a little more browsing online brought me to the conclusion that 2012 hasn't happened yet.

I'd love to know why I thought it was already next year.  This, dear readers, is how I totally disorient myself with little to no effort.

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