Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small Successes-Holy Week

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. This past weekend we got most of the old office/new baby's room cleaned out.  Sure there are still a few boxes belonging to Bryan and a few stacks of office related things on the floor, but the room is now more baby than office.  Yay! I'm a very impatient person, and while I know I don't need this room to be a nursery until late September the planner in me needs this room to be done ASAP.  Thankfully, Bryan is willing to humor me to avoid inciting me into having a massive mood swing. (In previous pregnancies they were so bad they're legendary.  I'm doing my best to act like a sane person where possible.)

2. After discarding a lot of junk that was stored in the old office/new baby's room, I'd say I can call the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge a success.  I've removed lots of paper and cardboard from our home, we've donated clothes, decorations, miscellaneous household goods and two televisions for which we had no need.  (No, Madeline begging and pleading to have a TV in her room did not constitute what I would consider a need.)

3. I'm ready for Easter.  Thanks to my daughters who think that cleaning is a fun game, my house is dusted and straightened.  I cleaned off the dining room table and I have to say I prefer seeing the table top to tons of papers.  Easter baskets and eggs are filled and ready for Easter morning.  I even managed to fill 84 eggs for the egg hunt we'll be having with some of the neighborhood children on Saturday morning.  Two days ago I went to the grocery store and got most, if not all, of what we will need for Easter dinner.  Tomorrow morning I will head to confession, again, and at that point I will consider myself completely ready for Easter.  (You have to love how being a hormonal pregnant woman can pretty much create the need for frequent confession.  I have a feeling I'll be there a lot over the next six months.)

Bonus: Madeline has learned how to do laundry.  She's been able to sort the laundry for years, but now she's actually doing the wash.  She asked if she could learn to use the washer this past Saturday and I jumped on the opportunity.  Bryan showed her what she needed to do and she took off and tackled our mountain of wash with a joyful spirit.  I can't tell you how incredibly blessed I feel to have a daughter who actually wants to do the laundry.  And as an added bonus, this same wonderful girl also excitedly came to me two days ago and asked if she could clean the baseboards in the house.  What mother would say no to such an amazing request?

I hope you all have a happy and blessed Triduum and Easter!


  1. Great list!
    Hope you and yours have a blessed Triduum and happy Easter!

  2. Can Madeline please come spend some time at my house? My baseboards are probably in a terrible state. I hate to even look and see!

  3. Don't you just LOVE when children actually enjoy cleaning? Our almost 3 yo DS will tell me, "I cleaning, Mom!" as he grabs a dish cloth & wipes a spot off the table.

    I haven't been around much of the blogging world lately & must have missed your announcement, so CONGRATS on your pregnancy! How exciting!

  4. Your list is awesome! Wow, even ready for Easter! Now you can enjoy your Triduum.

  5. Impressive list. May have to do a post-lent 40 bags 40 days. Enjoy Easter!


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