Monday, April 18, 2011

Attempted Sheep Stealing

I was making dinner tonight when the phone rang.  Ordinarily we don't answer the phone if we don't recognize the number on the caller ID.  Now that I'm directing the parish VBS I really can't be so selective when it comes to answering the phone, and so when the phone rings I answer it.

Tonight I got a phone call from a representative from Gospel Light, the company that produced the VBS our parish is using.  We're using the Catholic version published by Liguori, but for the most part the program is very protestant.  Let me be the first to say that I'm not a fan of using Catholicized protestant material to teach Catholic children.  Maybe this is the result of me being raised protestant against my will.  Ecumenical is not something I'll ever be accused of being.  Sorry, you're either with us or you're not.

So back to the phone call.  I suspect there's a metatag in the webpage template we're using for the parish VBS website.  They called because they saw I was on their site recently (try, ages ago) and they wanted to know if I found everything alright.  I told her that I had. (It's called I ordered from the Catholic publisher nearly two months ago.)  Then she wanted to talk Sunday School curriculum.  I told her that I wasn't the DRE and that this is for a Catholic parish.  She goes on to tell me that they have a new program that they think we'll be interested in seeing.  I asked her if it was Catholic and she responds that she's 24 and she's still learning about Jesus.  Good for you!  Aren't we all?  I take it her deflection was a way of avoiding having to say no.  I let her know that we're using a Catholic program for Catholic children.  That also must have fallen on deaf ears.  She proceeded to let me know that they're going to send some information to me (I'm assuming at the parish address-this ought to be good.) and she'll call me later to discuss it.  Something tells me she's not going to be too happy when I tell her we're not interested in their watered down version of Jesus.  I'll take the fullness of the Catholic faith, thanks.

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