Thursday, July 30, 2009

The world according to Madeline

Madeline comes out with statements from time to time that either make you stop and think or just shake your head.

As the girls were slowly finishing up eating their pizza, I decided that I needed to erase all the old messages on the answering machine.  I'm not sure why, but I had 23 messages and many of them dated back to May.  Were they important messages that were two 1/2 months old?  Why no, they were the standard "Hi Karen, it's [fill in the blank]. Give me a call when you get home." type of messages.  I have no idea why I never deleted them.  Just lazy, I guess.  Pushing that erase button takes a second of my time.

When I finished erasing all 23 messages of no importance, Madeline declared that it was just like going to confession.  I needed clarification on that one.  Message erasing=confession?  The explanation was quite simple.  The answering machine now had a clean slate, just like when you go to confession.  I guess the kid knows how to apply the practice of her faith to the mundane tasks of everyday life.  So answering machine, I absolve you of all your message bearing duties until the next time your services are required, at which point I will eventually get around to helping you obtain a clean slate once more.  Go forth and conquer.


  1. What a neat idea!
    But really... 23 messages?! Yikes!

  2. and did it have to say so many Hail Mary's or Our Father's?? that seemed to be the penance I got when I went to confession years ago when I was a practicing Catholic; cute entry!

    we have 4 messages on our answering machine I probably will never erase. They are 3 from 2005 and 1 from 2007. Two are from the lady who shipped our corgi to us from Alabama to Montana; 1 is from my brother telling my son who was planning to visit him in So. Calif when we lived in Montana at the time, that he was looking forward to his visit and was planning to get him a tattoo (joke, he didn't); those were the messages from 2005. The message from 2007 was my dearest of friends calling to tell me she was in labor with her 3rd child; she lived in Montana, me in So. Calif. Those, I think, will never get erased :)



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