Friday, July 24, 2009

My work is useless against Disney

For the past 6 years I have worked tirelessly to teach Madeline that commercials are only there to make you waste your money.  As seen on TV toys?  Not in our house!  Madeline understands that if a company has to advertise their toy or food that it probably isn't good enough to sell itself.  I generally will not buy things my children ask for if they saw it on TV.  I look at it as me teaching them to be consumer savvy.

Apparently all my efforts are useless against the advertising genius of Disney.  For the past two weeks Madeline has been hounding me to watch Disney Channel to see this amazing thing.  It  turns out that she wants me to take her to Disneyland.  Sorry kid, but I'm not flying out to the West Coast to see fireworks when we live 17 hours from Disney World.  This is what she was desperate for me to see.


  1. LOL! At least mine haven't done that yet!! (key word yet)

  2. but I only live an hour from Disneyland; we could have lunch if you came here, LOL

    I remember years ago my son was home from school sick and I was working at home, but keeping an eye on him. He came to me and said "we have to buy this, mom" and he had the phone number written down on a piece of paper to buy that gadget thing that shrink wraps things. He was serious. I chuckled and said "let's wait a day and see if we still need it". Thankfully we didn't :)



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