Sunday, July 12, 2009

Religious art by Madeline

Madeline drew this tonight and showed it to me when I was tucking her in.  Let's just say I was caught off guard.  

In case you can't read what she wrote, it says "Oh No Christ is dead!!".  I explained to her that Jesus died to save us, and that he rose again.  She told me that she feels sorry for Him and that she wishes He didn't have to die.  I think she's missing the point.

On a side note, I can't help but think Cinderella looks a little too happy for this scene.


  1. LOL about the comment about Cinderella; its good Madeline is thinking about these things though. I think she'll eventually get it and be ever so grateful that Jesus did die for our sins. I think its a hard concept for young ones to grasp; they can't really understand death, sins, forgiveness, salvation. But at least she's being exposed to it and is aware that there is a Jesus.


  2. Thanks for providing a link to this....just be sure the teacher doesn't see this..... I don't get the world we live in sometimes!


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