Monday, July 6, 2009

I need to vent!

I realized earlier today that I didn't have a birthday outfit for Ellie.  If her birthday wasn't just a week away, this wouldn't be a problem but it's a week away.  I decided to take her to our local Gymboree to find a cute outfit for the big day.  

Everything was going well in the store until it was time to check out.  Ellie suddenly had to pee while I was waiting for the transaction to finish processing.  I asked the sales associate if Ellie could use their bathroom since I know they have one in the back (we've used it in the past for emergencies).  She informed me that they don't have a bathroom (I really dislike being lied to in case I've never mentioned it.) and that I was welcome to take her to Cold Stone a few store fronts down to use their bathroom.  Poor Ellie was seconds away from having an accident.

Fortunately, we have a potty seat in the back of our van.  We had to race to the car and then Ellie had to hang on while I got the seat set up and ready for use.  Unfortunately for me, the gallon zip lock bag I put in the potty (our folding potty uses gallon zip bags) had a hole in it.  So thanks to the sales associate who had no compassion for my child, I have pee on the floor of my van. Yay!

I fired off emails to Gymboree letting them know I was very upset, and I alerted the Cold Stone corporate office that this Gymboree location is sending their customers who want a restroom to their facilities that is for their patrons, not Gymboree's.  I'm just very annoyed right now.  I'm trying to let it go, but it bothers me so much that some people can be so inconsiderate of the urgent needs of a child.

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  1. poor Ellie and poor you! that was terrible of Gymboree denying you access to the bathroom. I can see stores having a policy of bathroom usage for customers only, but in this case, of course, you were a customer. and anyone should have compassion on a little child, geesh!



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