Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alabama...isn't that our President's name?

This one is just too funny to keep to myself.  Apparently the public school, who essentially spent the entire school year telling the kids how wonderful Obama is, never bothered to tell them how his name was spelled.  I guess trying to indoctrinate my child with liberal Democrat ideas took precedence.  

In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm a cradle Republican.  Some people are cradle Catholics, I am a cradle Republican.  As a toddler and young child, I dreamed of marrying Ronald Reagan.  Did you know just saying his name makes babies smile?  When I went to college and studied Political Science, I was was often the lone Republican in the room.  I held my own against my liberal peers much to their chagrin.  So you can probably imagine that having my child come home from school where she's been fed the liberal Kool-Aid every day for 177 days of school* doesn't make me a happy Mommy.

So how did we get on the subject of President "Alabama"?  I'm the mean mom who doesn't allow her child's brain to go to mush over Summer break.  Every day I give her a combination workbook assignments, handwriting practice, journal exercises and match fact quizzes in addition to reading.  We're finishing up the 2nd Grade Brain Quest work book and getting ready to start on the 3rd Grade one next week.  Todays Social Studies assignment was to use a map and write the capitals for all 50 states.  And that's when it happened.  Madeline pointed to Alabama on the little laminated map and said "Isn't that our President's name?".  

Oh public school, you are failing to properly brainwash my child into the liberal school of thought.  Don't mess with the Mommy who had her child photographed with a plush version of the GOP elephant.

*Madeline missed three days of school this past year.  She was spared one heavy political day thanks to our Disney Vacation.

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  1. this was cute to read; good for you for keeping up with her learning over the summer break; I always had the best of intentions with my kids when they were younger but we never quite got it off the ground. They do need to keep their brains working over the summer vacation. Here in California in the public schools they get to teach our little darlings (and at a young age too) that its okay if Jimmie has a mommy and a mommy or a daddy and a daddy. I'm so glad my kids are done with their education, or perhaps we should call it attempted brainwashing



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