Monday, July 20, 2009

Pursuing simplicity

Why is it that simplifying life isn't always easy?  I look to the Summer months as a time where I can sit back, relax and just enjoy life.  For some reason the past few Summers have been anything but relaxing.  

The last two years saw incredibly busy Summers that zipped by.  We spent an entire Summer settling into our current home two years ago.  Then, last year we put in a pool and were encumbered with everything that goes along with a project of that magnitude.  And, this Summer, it's just miscellaneous small stuff that seems to be standing in my way.  I'm one of those people who often sweats the small stuff, and that generally complicates life to an unnecessary degree.

Today, I did manage to have a day that is the kind of simplified life I want this time of year.  I'm very grateful for that.  My neighbor Kelly and her three girls came over and spent the better part of the day with us.  The girls went swimming and had lunch out on the deck.  Madeline even had another friend from her class join us.  I'm tired and exhausted from meeting the demands (or needs) of the six little girls I had at my home today. As tired as I am, I feel like I managed to have a simplified day.  Really, all I want to do is enjoy being at home with my family and friends this Summer.  I'm not expecting life to be all fun and games for an entire season, but I do want to take full advantage of the down time we have right now.

I'm going to go do a load of laundry and watch my girls play Mariokart on the Wii.  


  1. I like your new blog layout. sounds like a nice day today; I think its hard to find the balance between down time and activities especially as your kids get older and start in different activities/etc. but I'm with you; I always enjoy just a little time that is not structured to just recoop and relax


  2. Thanks Betty,
    I actually wrote a blog about the background yesterday but wound up not posting it. I woke up yesterday to find that my old background was gone because the bandwidth was exceeded on photobucket. (Guess I wasn't the only one that liked that background.) I wound up wasting a good hour early yesterday morning that I had planned to use for other things (like reading the Mass readings before going to church) freaking out over the background and trying to find a new one. I often let myself get derailed by little things that shouldn't matter.

  3. Sorry about the unexpected background crisis but I do like the new one and am glad you and your girls had a lovely simple summer day.


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