Monday, July 6, 2009

I know how to change a light bulb!

Yay for me!  Today I changed a light bulb.  I know, you're sitting here reading this and thinking "Wow, this chick really celebrates the small stuff in life, doesn't she?".  This, my friends, was no ordinary light bulb.  It was a tail light.  Those are in a totally different category if you ask me.

I can change the ordinary household light bulb.  Halogen, compact fluorescent, incandescent, I've got them covered.  I can change theatre lighting (took a class in college) and twinkle lights on the Christmas tree, too.  Automobile light bulbs are in a class of their own and until today were beyond the scope of my light bulb changing abilities.

I consider the replacement of auto lights to be a car repair, and I don't do car repairs.  I'm not a mechanic, and I have no lofty aspirations of becoming one anytime in the next 80 years.

So why did I venture into the world of auto repairs today? On Friday a well-intentioned motorist jumped out of her car and ran up to Bryan's window to let him know that our left tail light was out.  She scared the crap out of us because she appeared out of nowhere like the dead cyclist in the Sixth Sense. Bryan said he would take a look and see if it was out (Really? You can't just take the lady's word for it?).   He never did.  So I decided that I would have to fix it myself.  I watch my neighbor, Steve, replace the last tail light so I figured I could probably do it.  I'm happy to report that the most challenging part was hunting for the right tools (I knew what I needed, I'm a pretty handy gal.) since a certain someone doesn't put his tools back where they belong.  After I found the socket wrench, I just had to figure out how to get the light bulb out.  A quick IM to Bryan got me the insight I needed (For those not in the know you need to push in and twist, and the little bugger pops right out!  Pretty neat!).

I now have a new skill!  I feel rather accomplished today.  My lovely assistant, Madeline, helped me make sure everything was in working order. She was my official brake pusher-inner. I'm happy to report that she didn't try to shift the car into reverse.

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  1. good for you!!!! I'm with you; I don't do car repairs, but I admire you for undertaking this!



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